Immunochemistry and bioengineering (V-S23)

Chairs: Sergey Deyev
  Andreas Plückthun

July 10, 2013

08.30 - 09.10

Andreas Plückthun   Biochemisches Institut, Universitaet Zürich, Switzerland

Protein ligands for receptors engineered to give powerful biological responses

09.10 - 09.35

Victor Krasnykh   Department of Experimental Diagnostic Imaging, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston, TX, USA

Molecular engineering of viral vector tropism for targeted gene delivery

09.35 -10.00

Andre Lieber   University of Washington, Seattle, USA

A recombinant epithelial junction opener improves cancer therapy with nanoparticles, monoclonal antibodies, and T-cells

10.00 -10.25

Chae-Ok Yun   Department of Bioengineering, College of Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Optimizing DC vaccination by combination with cytokine-expressing oncolytic adenoviruses