Biocatalysis: General Problems (II-S6)

Chairs: George Michael Blackburn
  Alexander Gabibov

July 8, 2013
Biocatalysis: Phosphate Aspects

17.00 - 17.40

Nigel Richards  Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, IUPUI, USA

Catalytic strategies for cleaving unreactive C-C bonds

17.40 - 18.05

Michael Famulok   Life & Medical Sciences (LIMES)-Institut, Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry Unit, Bonn, Germany

Insight into ErbB receptor signaling from a Chemical Biology perspective

18.05 - 18.30

John W. Kozarich   ActivX Biosciences, Inc., Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD (Tokyo), The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA

Functional, ChemoProteomic interrogation of nucleotide binding space for drug discovery and development

18.30 - 18.55

Jon Waltho   Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, Manchester, UK

Kinases, phosphatases, mutases, and G-proteins

18.55 – 19.20

Paul Wentworth  The Scripps Institute for Research, La Jolla, USA

From antibody catalysis to protein misfolding diseases – the destructive chemistry of inflammation

19.20 – 19.40

Matthew Bowler   Synchrotron Science Group, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Grenoble, France

Tracking ATP generation from start to finish: the complete reaction cycle of human PGK

19.40 – 19.55

Ivan Smirnov   Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow, Russia

Evolution of a reactibody by combined natural and computational methods