Federation of European Biochemical
Societies CONGRESS 2013
“Mechanisms in Biology”
July 6th - 11th 2013,
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

Criteria and Benefits

To participate in FEBS YSF 2013 all applicants should match the following criteria:

- Applicants (less than 35 years old) have to be a PhD student or to be a junior postdoctoral fellow within 5 years of finishing his/her PhD at an institution of higher education in a country where there is a FEBS constituent Society.

- Applicants are kindly requested to register and submit an digital form which include abstract as a first author, the motivation letter and CV (Curriculum Vitae), a signed recommendation letter form mentor and a proof of being a member of a FEBS Constituent Society as mentioned above.

- With the exception of the Committee members, normally no one who has attended a YSF in a recent year or has received a Youth Travel Fund grant in the current year will be offered a place. Normally only 10% of local students will be accepted.

For additional information regarded to FEBS memberships, please refer to FEBS (http://www.febs.org), where you will find the complete list of countries that have a FEBS Society or a FEBS Associated Members. The contact information is also in web site of the YSF. To obtain a valid FEBS membership, please contact the corresponding organization in your country of origin or the European organization to which you are affiliated.