Federation of European Biochemical
Societies CONGRESS 2013
“Mechanisms in Biology”
July 6th - 11th 2013,
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA


Dear Young Scientists,

It is our great honour to invite you to participate in the 13th Young Scientists Forum (YSF), which will be held from 3rd till 6th of July 2013 in the Northern Capital of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg. The opening ceremony will take place in the Building of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Neva River; further sessions will be hosted in the facilities of the St. Petersburg State University.

The YSF was initially established in 2001 by FEBS as a satellite meeting of the main Congress. It provides a unique opportunity for young scientists to get together, present their scientific results, and critically discuss novel ideas, trends and features, achievements and hypotheses. A friendly atmosphere of unity is maintained even during the hardest scholastic debates.

We kindly invite PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to submit their applications. Applicants should be less than 35 years old and be members of a FEBS Constituent Society. Over 100 of the most outstanding young scientists will be selected by the 13th YSF Evaluation Committee to participate in the meeting. Bursaries for these young scientists will cover accommodation and participation in both 13th YSF and main 38th FEBS Congress, and contribute to travel costs.

We are looking forward to seeing you in St. Petersburg!

Sincerely yours,

Alexey Belogurov Jr.
Chair of the YSF 2013 FEBS Congress

Azad Mamedov
Co-Chair of the YSF 2013 FEBS Congress

13th YSF Local Organization Committee Team